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YBP Theme Song

A Theme Song? WHUT?

A few years ago when we first heard the songs of the Swedish folk singer songwriter Kristian Matsson (A.K.A. The Tallest Man On Earth), we knew instantly that he had the voice that could embody YBP. It's indie, it's folky, it's a little bit quirky, and it's just freaking awesome. So, we asked him if he would compose an original theme tune for the Yellow Bird Project. Luckily, he obliged!

We wanted a beautiful song that would help us spread the word about our initiative. A song which is in any way inspired by YBP - whether that be lyrically, melodically, thematically... And, here we are now. Enjoy.

Download our theme song (MP3)

Download this video (iPod)

The Widget

This song is intended to help raise awareness for what we do. So please, get it stuck in your head, gather your friends around the camp fire and and sing it all together. Or, if you have a blog, website, or MySpace page, you can share it with your readers!

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